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Activities in Blackpool

In the middle of Blackpool is Refresh Deansgate, which is a charity shop and hub that offers help and hope on the high street. On each weekday, the team, who are managing their own mental health, greet customers, sort out stock and look after each other well. The shop is managed by Julie, who takes great care of all of the team of volunteers. There is always work to be done there. 

Joining in the activities in Blackpool

If you are local to Blackpool, you can join us at any of the following:

  • Exercise at Stanley Park – we meet at the Athletics track on Monday

       evenings at 7.15pm in reception at Blackpool Sports Centre. You

       can run, walk or generally come for a chat as we go round and round

       the track.

  • Badminton at Palatine – on a Friday evening, we have a badminton

       club at 8.30pm – all rackets and equipment is provided.

  • Volunteer at Refresh Deansgate – the shop is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm and you would be welcome to get involved in any area of service.

All of our activities in Blackpool are free for all people joining, but you can register here and let us know that we are expecting to see you there.

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