The Course Curriculum

What will I study?

During the twelve months, you will be studying on the Refreshers Pioneer Mission Training Course, working towards a certificate from Refreshment UK (currently awaiting accreditation from NCFE).


Alongside the units below, you will complete regular Biblical expositions and written assignments based on the biographies of Christian missionaries.

1. An Introduction to Mission

The Key to a Mission-shaped lifestyle

How do we make our every day count and how do we respond to the mission of God, wherever we go?


  • Defining Mission

  • Discipleship

  • Mission in a Western Context

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Living In Community

2. Spiritual Growth

Your own vision and identity

How does our own individual calling line up with what God wants his disciples to do?


  • Personal Identity

  • Character and Integrity

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Holiness

  • Vision

3. Christian Unity & Mission

Actually Leaving the Building

Jesus conducted the majority of his ministry on the road travelling from place to place. How do we change our lifestyles so that we are out making disciples?


  • Itinerant Ministry

  • Focused Ministry

  • Church Unity

  • Christian Culture

  • 21st Century Church

4. Community Development

Working with and in your community

On every street where a Christian lives, there are people who need the good news - how do we become a blessing in and to our communities?


  • Social Awareness

  • Spheres of Society

  • Social Action

  • Evangelism

  • Event Planning & Marketing

5. Understanding Worship Ministry

Maintaining a Worshipper's heart

Mission needs to begin and end in worship. How do we make sure that we dedicate ourselves to God daily?


  • Defining worship

  • Developing worship

  • Community worship

  • Strategies

  • Sound Doctrine

6. Strategic Prayer Ministry

Practical prayer

Everything you do should be grounded in prayer. How do we both ground ourselves and claim ground in prayer?


  • Defining prayer

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Intercession

  • Prayer Rooms

  • Prayer Walking

7. Developing Preaching Skills

Maintaining a Worshipper's heart

Everyone is called to preach - with our without words. How can we instinctively share the gospel with people?


  • Testimonies

  • Preparing Resources

  • Preaching Skills

  • Preparation

  • Following the Spirit

8. Spiritual Formation

Believing in the impossible

Today, an effective tool in evangelism is signs and wonders, and for God to continue to do miracles. How do we learn to trust him for those?


  • Signs and Wonders

  • Scriptural Authority

  • Living by Faith

  • Healing

  • Facing Impossibilities in Faith

9. Organisational Skills

Going and doing with a spontaneous edge

Not every detail of our mission work has to be meticulously planned. How do we learn to be organised and spirit-led at the same time?


  • Flexible Organisation

  • Being Spirit-led

  • Purposeful Organisation

  • Managing Conflict

  • Listening Skills

10. Sabbath Principles

The necessity of retreating

We need to know what it means to 'Be Still' and know Jesus intimately. What does rest with Jesus look like?


  • Space to Rest

  • Stillness

  • Priorities

  • Solitude as a Discipline

  • Christian Intimacy

11. Spiritual Warfare

Facing the battles

If you work for God, you can expect to face difficulties. How do we maintain a strong faith in the face of adversity?


  • Western Strategies

  • Renewing of the Mind

  • Wisdom

  • Armouring Up

  • Deliverance Ministry

12. Continued Development & Legacy

The dedication to be resourced

Why it is so important for us to continue to study and know the word of God, and regularly make sure that you are refreshed to continue to make an impact.


  • Bible Study

  • Relationships and Accountability

  • Personal Growth

  • Mission-focused Resources

  • Legacy

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