Craft Rooms

Our base on Deansgate, Blackpool is home to a second-hand boutique, craft rooms and a prayer room that we use to offer help and hope on the high street.

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In our meeting rooms at the centre of Blackpool, we want to provide a base to co-ordinate a Christian response to mental health. From the upper rooms at Refresh Deansgate, our aim is to provide services that offer both help and hope, and make a significant, life-changing difference in people's lives.

The original vision for this came in 2009 when Simon and Laura were living in Worcester. After walking through the town centre, there was a realisation that the church was not open on the high street, even though the people needed both help and hope.

From these rooms, we aim to provide the following:

  • Skills workshops to help make crafts for the shop;

  • Courses and groups that help to give vital life skills;

  • Regular acts of worship and prayer; and

  • Drop-in sessions and mentoring services for those with managed mental health.

We aim to have the building work completed by September 2021 and make this ready for use then.