As We Worship (2015) - Sheet Music & Lyrics PDF

As We Worship (2015) - Sheet Music & Lyrics PDF


The sheet music and songs from 'As We Worship' as a PDF


As We Worship is a selection of 12 songs written for piano, guitar and vocal with brand new lyrics so that you can use them for worship.


These have gone down really well for those unfamiliar with church as the tunes are so well known, and it is simple to fit the lyrics to these. The score includes a vocal line with lyrics, piano music and guitar chords.


The songs included are:

  • As We Worship (to the tune of 'When You're Smiling')
  • Chosen Ones of Heaven (to the tune of 'Drunken Sailor')
  • Christ, My Reward (to the tune of 'Skye Boat Song')
  • Christ, Saviour and King (to the tune of 'Home on the Range')
  • Father of Creation (to the tune of 'Land of Hope and Glory')
  • Father, Send Your Holy Spirit (to the tune of 'I Vow To Thee My Country')
  • Fight for your Kingdom (to the tune of 'Loch Lomond')
  • He'll Lead Me Home (to the tune of 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary')
  • In a Lowly Manger (to the tune of 'White Cliffs of Dover')
  • Know Heaven's Awesome Love (to the tune of 'Jerusalem')
  • Where the Living Water's Flow (to the tune of 'My Old Man')
  • Yes, The Glorious Morn (to the tune of 'Men of Harlech'
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