Climbers - Simon Cooper

Climbers - Simon Cooper


If you wanted to climb a mountain, how would you go about it? 

In this book, Simon looks at six stages of being a disciple and compares it to the plight of a mountain climber.

Over the chapters, the journey comprises of:
- Seeing a Mountain (being called a Christian)
- Planning to Climb (our key plan and purpose as a Christian)
- Getting Kitted Up (the tools you need to be a Christian)
- Aiming for the Summit (having passion and the Spirit)
- Taking on the Climb (sharing stories of our journey)
- Arriving at the Top (The ultimate goal)

The content in this book has been used at weekend retreats, as well as in a study course. As you read, you will be encouraged to want to grow in discipleship, as well as be challenged to do what it takes to become one of Christianity's Climbers.

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