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About Us

Refreshment UK is a charity dedicated to encouraging and equipping Christians. We encourage intimacy with God through retreating, then equip by providing the resources and opportunities to live out a life in mission.


For us, a retreat is about setting time aside in prayer, study and community to seek God, and in Blackpool, you can retreat at the Refresh Centre, a 14-bedroom residential centre where people live in community that feels like joining a family. Alongside the centre, Refreshment UK has a programme of activities – Refreshers - across

the town where visitors can experience mission firsthand.


Refreshment UK has been running since 2012, and is led by Simon & Laura Cooper.

They have been involved in itinerant ministry for over 20 years, both in the UK and

overseas. They have a passion for facilitating retreats, as well as leading practical

mission experiences.

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What is Refreshment UK? 

In Blackpool, we encourage people to live a life of mission and get involved in Refreshers – a programme of activities that are developed to help refresh the body, mind, faith and community.


During the week, we run activities that help:


Maintain a healthy body and socialise at our weekly Rfitness and badminton clubs

Keep your mind active by serving at Refresh Deansgate in the centre of Blackpool

Develop your faith in prayer and study at the Refresh Centre

Meet members of the community at support groups, outreach and social action

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