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Released in 2014, Climbers was the book that set us on a journey to teach, encourage and equip people in pioneer mission work.


Using six chapters with a link to mountain climbing, the book talks of:

  • Being called a Christian;
  • Understanding our plan and purpose;
  • The tools for the life of a Christian;
  • Passion and the Spirit
  • Sharing Stories on the way;
  • Our ultimate goal to heaven.


It's one of the books we are most moved by at Refreshment UK and holds to some of our core teaching. 


In 2024, we have re-released this, unedited, as we feel it sets the scene for our next season at Refreshment. Written by Simon Cooper, its teaching is still relevant to today. 


Paperback (127 x 203mm) - 176 Pages. Limited editions available.

Climbers - Simon N Cooper (Paperback)

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