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Helping Hands

Become a Refresher and give regularly

Our Refreshers Fund helps us keep our activities going and we rely on monthly donations to do this. Many people give regularly and it helps support us. 

Below our details of our regular giving plans. These are taken monthly by card or PayPal - if you wish to set up a Direct Debit, please click the link with Just Giving here: 

We also support Faith India Ministries, a children's home and ministry in Andhra Pradesh in India, who we have been supporting for over ten years. Each month, people give £9 per month to pay for food for the children's home.You can sign up for that here.

Become a Regular Giver

Support Refreshment UK

  • Give £5 Monthly

    Every month
    £5 a month funds our weekly Refreshers sessions, enabling to remain free to end users
  • Give £10 monthly

    Every month
    £10 each month helps us keep Refresh Deansgate open, providing help and hope on the high street
  • Give £25 monthly

    Every month
    £25 per month helps Simon and Laura keep the Refresh Centre open as a place to be refreshed
  • Give £30 each quarter

    Every 3 months
    £30 a quarter helps fund a night at the Refresh Centre and enables us to offer rooms in faith
  • Give £50 each year for #runningwithJesus

    Every year
    £50 each year helps spread the gospel through Running with Jesus and helps fund our resources
  • 65-9 Partners Scheme

    Every month
    £9 per month helps us support Faith India Ministries, a children's home and partners in India
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